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We want to show you how simple, colorful, sustainable and most importantly delicious the plant-based lifestyle can be. How nice that you are so open to the topic. Whether you’re trying to incorporate more plant-based recipes into your diet, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, or are an experienced:r vegan:in looking for more ideas.
With us there is something for everyone!

About us

We are Franci and Marco, the brains (or should I say stomachs) behind Franci Alexa. Two absolute vegan foodies. We are sure that you can implement any dish with plant-based alternatives and not have to sacrifice taste and enjoyment. A wholesome, healthy and colorful diet is always in the foreground for us. At the very latest, once you’ve tried our pumpkin bolognese, marzipan lemon energy balls or this baked dip, you’ll realize that the vegan diet doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or elaborate.

What we do?

Crazy – after all the weekend and night shifts we can now only worry about everything around our heart projects, yay! Through our constantly new ideas you will find on our vegan food blog and on Instagram weekly and at times daily new recipes and articles. You can also visit us every week on YouTube – there you can expect everyday vlogs, tips and the format “Food Friday”. As if that wasn’t enough, there are regular newsletters and by now we have published three e-books all about vegan nutrition and lifestyle… and all on our own!

How can you support us?

Now we have introduced ourselves and our heart projects. So that we can finance ourselves next to these we work closely with companies and present products that we ourselves love. However, all the organization behind it requires super much effort, time and paperwork. Of course, we would much rather spend this time in the kitchen and working on all of our plans as well as ideas that are currently in the queue. In order to become more independent from cooperations and maybe even hire team members, you are welcome to support us with a (monthly) donation.
Please click on the button at the top or bottom of this page. If this is too much work for you, we are of course happy about the next bowl, which we can afford thanks to your transfer. You can find our bank details below.

Are you in?

Yeah! Welcome to the club and be excited about all the exclusive content and news that will await you here.
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